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Popculture has always fascinated me, ever since I was a little kid staying up late to read just one more comic book, watch just one more episode of my favourite TV show, listen to just one more song of my beloved artist... There undeniably is something magical and incredibly engaging about exploring the distant worlds of superheroes, villains, rockstars and drag queens.

I do focus my artwork primarily on exploring the oftentimes brutal humanity of these characters. How would they behave in certain situations? What would they be if placed in a slightly different context? What are their fears, their anxieties, their moments of happiness, victory...? I do enjoy giving myself and others different perspectives on these otherwise wellknown characters and people.

what do you say we play a little game?
judgement night.
cassie howard.
i know what i must become.
i do it and i become the enemy.
maddy perez.
fallen angel in church.
new year.
jules vaughn.
let's play a game, just me and you.
all alone he turns to stone, while holding his breath half to death.
this nightmare will happen again.
i wanna be your slave.
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